Thursday, January 14, 2010

White Wall Shoot (CNQ Photography)

(^Edited by CNQ Photography)

Some pictures from my white wall shoot with CNQ Photography, all unedited except for a few that are cropped or what not, and other than the snails, birds, and boxes enabling these to be blog-friendly, no color correction or anything like that. Only one photo is edited that was sent to me by the photographer. Such a great time, and definitely my personal favorite shoot yet. :)


  1. I didn't know of the existence of this blog! I don't have any pictures or any writings in English in mine yet, I'll create another one to do it in English and the one with pictures is tumblr and flickr, of course. I looove you in this pictures! I'll make you smile a lot on my shoot, and there will be some more close ups. I'm thinking we either do it in Reading on Spring Break at Dan's garden, at the Which's Hat, or we do it when I go to NY. We would need to do two days or so, cause I'm sure I won't be happy with half the results as I am just starting. You can get back to me on facebook or something, this comment shouldn't be that long and it shouldn't be about this at all haha so just tell you you look great!

    PS: You have a tumblr. On tumblr is the only blog where full naked pictures are not censored at all. You can post whatever you want. I'm about to post some of mine.


  2. looooooove these lady! you are a beaut!