Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here's the Mail

So I sent people who gave me their address a letter.
I also sent it to some people who I don't know.
Either way, your letter should have led you here.

You are all a part of something I got an idea for upon waking up in the middle of the night after a really weird dream. That actually had nothing to do with this project.

However, I came to the realization that three things that I love more than anything, are Doodling, Getting Mail, and The music I listen to while I doodle.
Basically I wanted to give my drawings a home, also give others the enjoyment of getting mail that ISN'T asking for money, AND some new song lyrics. Each drawing has a line or two from the song I was listening to while I created it.
(If there aren't lyrics on the back of yours it means I was probably listening to an instrumental band, aka explosions in the sky or the band that resides in my apartment.)
I hope everyone enjoys their mail, if you could pass on the website to as many people as you know that would be fantastic :)
If you hate it, never want to look at the drawing or website ever again in your whole life, just recycle and give it to a friend.

Pictures of certain letters will be up soon, maybe yours will be on here..
if you didn't get a letter, but came across this first, let me know.

It's like an art scavenger hunt but you don't really have to do anything except put in a web address. And I'm sure you were already on your computer anyway. -.^